CV Writing Tips to get you Hired

CV Writing Tips to get you Hired

Write a CV that will stand out from the crowd

The phrase quality above quantity could not be more true than when writing your CV and covering letter.

Your CV is your first impression where you need to be able to show to the employer why you are the right person for the job in just 1-2 pages above the 100’s of other CVs. With an average of only 20% of those applications ever getting to an interview your CV is the first step in getting you hired.
So what should your CV look like?

Contact Details

This is the simplest section of the CV but many people still get it very wrong, I mean how can you get any further in the process if they can’t contact you. First off let’s get rid of the childish emails such as littlemisssomething@… or badboy@… You need to set up a professional email which will also help better track your applications further down the line.

Personal Statement

This is the foundations on which you build you CV so you need to make it strong. It is all about selling yourself whilst showcasing your skills and strengths, it should be a summary of your experiences and why you’re interested in the role. You need to grab their attention at the top of the page and ensure they keep reading.
Top Tip, Make your CV clear and eye catching

Tailored CV

Essentially you need to make you CV relevant to the job you’re applying to. You should be changing your personal statement every time you apply for a role; highlighting why you should be hired and linking it to the keywords in the job advert. This will make it easier for the employer to see why you meet their specification.
Top Tip, Match your skills with the job specification

Work Experience

A CV is all about selling yourself and it is so easy to sell yourself short, imagine you’re a retail assistant don’t assume that as a recruiter I know what your day to day roles involve – every job is different and most people do more than just their job description.
To avoid forgetting anything prior to writing your CV take a pen and paper to work and write a list of everything you do on an average day; you’ll be amazed at how much you do!

Remember to:

  • List dates of employment / employer names and your roles
  • Warning I am going to start repeating myself but it is really that significant to try and make your
    experience relevant to the role you are applying to by highlighting particular duties or skills or even suitable examples


Keep this section to the point → there is no need to list every GCSE or qualification that are no longer applicable to your career. It needs to be clear and concise.
Top Tip, Be honest on your job application


Although tempting DO NOT use a template you find online as all they do is make you blend into the crowd. Be unique in your approach and always ask someone to proof read (no one can rely on auto-correct alone)


Should you? This is all about personal preference but my opinion is it isn’t necessary. However if you do upload a picture, simply make it appropriate; no employer needs to see you on a night out so save that for Facebook.

CV writing can be time consuming but if you tailor each CV then you WILL be noticed quicker and it only takes one relevant CV to get you hired.

Check out my CV Layout blog to give you some inspiration of how to structure your next CV.

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