CV Layouts

CV Layouts

Meeting you half way with some sample ideas

If you read my blog on CV Writing you’ll know I am not a fan of a template; there is nothing worse than reading CV after CV that look and sound the same. You need to be unique in your approach to get yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Below is some examples of different types of resumes: as we can all do slightly better than just opening word and writing down a list of your recent responsibilities.

There are a lot of tools out there to support you designing something different so you don’t have to be a graphic design to be a little more creative.

Clear and Concise

This layout allows the employer to quickly see your experiences and work history, whilst also adding some personality.

A clear and concise CV layout; easily showcase to the employer your skills

The Detailed CV

This layout is perfect for candidates who have a lot of relevant experience to discuss whilst remaining clear and concise.

A detail CV allows you to impress through the vast amount of experience you have in a certain industry.

Creative but Specific CV

This layout is for those looking to be a little bit more creative and stand out from the crowd but still has a lot of experience they want to showcase.

A CV that allows you to show you are creative whilst also being detailed

The Visual CV

This layout is perfect for candidates who maybe don’t have much experience in the work place but still want to highlight their skills and strengths in a much more creative and visual way.

If you have got the experience, then you can still show off your skills in a unique way with this CV

The Time Line

This is one of my favourites, clearly showing what you have done in a organised and logical fashion. The time line is great for employers to see how you have transitioned from education through to your work experience.

To the point CV, detailing in order your experiences.
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