How to Act on the Small Screen – Video Interviewing

How to Act on the Small Screen – Video Interviewing

Did video really did kill the radio star?

6 out of 10 employers are turning to SKYPE or Video interviews as a quick and convenient way to sift candidates during the selection process. Either replacing the telephone interview or even final stages. So how do you impress your new potential employer whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home?

We need to get you small screen ready; as video interviews are just as important as the face to face versions. Take it just as seriously. In
the words of Benjamin Franklin by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail!

So if you haven’t already experienced the video interview, I am going to give you the essentials to excel. It won’t be long until all employers are upgrading to video interviews as just a normal part of any recruitment process and an essential element to get you hired!

Dress to Impress

Unlike a telephone interview it is not acceptable to wear your pj’s during the call. Just as you would in a face to face interview you need to look smart and professional. (Although tempting to dress smart on top and joggers on bottom make sure to complete the whole outfit – you don’t want an awkward moment if you have to stand up for any reason!)

Always prepare your outfit the night before so it is ready to hand and there is no last minute nightmares such as something not fitting right or there being a huge stain all over it. I know personally it takes me hours to decide what to wear at the best of times so prior to an interview you don’t want any “I have nothing to wear” dramas.

Occasionally employers will even specify what attire is appropriate for their interview process in your confirmation email but if in doubt you want to put your best foot forward in an interview. Now that doesn’t always mean fully suited and booted but looking smart and ready for business is essential.


From Couch to Hired

Okay so technically you’re being interviewed in the comfort of your home but don’t get too comfortable. Find a spot in your house that is one quiet and secondly has a plan appropriate background. (I know that sounds strange but basically I am saying no pictures of you drunk on a night out in the background.)

Also, always be aware of your surroundings, you need somewhere without a lot of background noise and although we aren’t expecting a Kim and Aggie style house clean, always have a quick tidy around – you want the employers only focus to be on you.

If possible plan your video interview for a time that suits you and you know when you house will be at its quietest but if you can’t select a time then consider all the scenarios. For example, if your interview is at 4pm and the kids are usually just coming home from school at that time or it is at mid-day and the neighbours have the builders round then think about going to another location to perform the interview.

Make a strong connection

This is a two folder comment. Firstly your web connection is important. If you don’t have great service it might be an idea to head over to friend’s house or even a library as a jumpy connection will mean both you and the recruiter will start to lose the flow of the conversation. Interviewing is already a nerve racking experience. You don’t need to add more difficulty so check your connection prior to the interview.

Secondly and even more crucial is the connection you have with the recruiter. I say it a lot but fit is a huge part of the process when finding a role so showcase what makes you unique and worth hiring! Now when I say personality I don’t mean listing your “hobbies” (I am referring to those made up hobbies on your CV such as reading but to be honest the last book you read was Of Mice and Men while you were at school.) I mean establishing a rapport with the recruiter. Finding a common ground. This will make you more memorable and that will get you hired.

Sell yourself

Not a strong sales person? Can’t sale ice to an eskimo? Well head over to my previous blog (How to answer in an interview like a pro) for further advice on how to answer those tricky interview questions. The interview is your platform to illustrate what you can do. Just remember if you can’t sell yourself no one else will.

How to end the interview

Similar to a face to face interview, you’ll get a chance to ask questions so feel free to turn the tables and interview them. Asking those questions about the business and culture will help you decide if this is the right role for you. No recruitment process should be one sided.

Also, this is a great chance to ask the employer what the next stage of the process is. If they have already incorporated video interviewing in to their process they might not be following a traditional structure. If you are successful you want as much time as possible to prepare for the next stage.

Now you are ready to impress. So best of luck with the interview and remember you got this far because your CV appealed to the company and (if applicable) you aced the telephone interview so your half way there, you’re almost ready to say I’m hired!

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