Podcast – Episode 4: How to Write the Perfect CV

Podcast – Episode 4: How to Write the Perfect CV

How to Tailor your CV like a Pro

Today’s podcast is all about the first stage of the recruitment process and that is the CV. We will be discussing how to tailor a CV, what you should include in your CV as well as what to avoid when you are sending off your application.
It’s basically 15 minutes of me sharing the tips you need to make your resume relevant and specific enough so that an employer will be straight on the phone to get you in for an interview.

Have a CV so good that the recruiter is excited to speak to you!


The full post will be going live on Sunday at 11 am including an easy info-graphic to follow on the do’s and don’ts of CV writing. Definitely worth a read before submitting your next application if you have sent off several resumes so far with limited response.
My podcast series is coming to you weekly every Friday at 12 pm, so I look forward to seeing you again next week!

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