How to Organise your Career: 10 Habits of the Super Organised

How to Organise your Career: 10 Habits of the Super Organised

Be on top of your organisational game

Are you forever wondering how your colleagues always manage to keep on top of their workload? Unsure how they progress in their careers and excel in the day to day? Or are you questioning how it’s possible to balance your job whilst looking for that dream career?

Organisation is the key to making it happen and if you’re not naturally blessed with the ability to plan and prepare in your sleep then these 10 tips could help you get structure in your career.


How to Organise your Career: 10 Habits of the Super Organised

Break it down

When it comes to enhancing your career, going for a promotion or a new job is a huge task and having only the end goal in mind can be overwhelming.

Breaking a task into bitesize sections will make them easier to digest. Include mini deadlines for each portion and set yourself a chronological structure that you’re able to work towards.


“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” – Henry Ford


Review your Goals

What’s the point of having goals if you never plan on monitoring your progress? If you’re constantly leaving an endless stretch of unfinished or unaccomplished tasks behind you, actually reviewing your progress could be the motivation you’re looking for.

Recording your achievements will inspire you to progress further instead of giving up at the first hurdle and who doesn’t like to celebrate themselves.

Have a To Do List 

When it comes to staying organised a to do list is critical. Personally I’m a fan of the old fashion pen and paper but there are so many online tools if organisation isn’t your strong point.

Whether you use Trello for managing projects or even just sticky notes on your laptop, it’s all about find out what works for you. Trust me you’ll love the sense of achievement you get from ticking off each task.

How to Organise your Career: 10 Habits of the Super Organised

Stay Motivated 

We can all be guilty of telling ourselves that we’ll get it done tomorrow, but
tomorrow never comes.

If you’ve promised you’ll update your CV or that you’ll finish that report then actually put the effort in and do it! The more you leave it the worse the task seems, avoid having it lingering over you.

Struggling to muster up the drive to get the job done? Why not give yourself a little encouragement with a reward for completing the work (there
could be your favourite lunch waiting for you after you finish that report.

Rise Early 

Okay, so this one might be a little hypocritical coming from the self-proclaimed night owl. Whilst being a morning person definitely doesn’t come naturally to me, there are benefits of getting in early.

From being able to beat the morning rush hour, to giving yourself time to prepare for the day, waking up even just 15 minutes earlier could have a positive impact on your entire day.

Involve your Team

Keep your manager and team updated on your workload is vital to staying organised but why is it so important to avoid others?

If your team knows you’re snowed under, then they aren’t going to be adding more pressure by piling on the work and they might even reach out to support. But this is a two street, you need to be open to offering the support back when they need it.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller


Know what you want

You can’t love your career until you know exactly what you want to do. Be
proactive and take control of your career, whether you volunteer to explore
other avenues or if that’s not an option put your researching skills to
good use to review what’s out there.

Organising your career takes time so be open to the challenge.

Have a Long Term Plan

When you’re busy, it’s easier to focus on what’s directly in front of you but don’t get too bogged down with the day to day, instead take time to create your long term plan.

If you want to develop within your career you need to step outside your day to day duties, start with just completing one task per day that steers you towards your long term goals.

How to Organise your Career: 10 Habits of the Super Organised

The Tools for Success

A to do list isn’t the only area where technology can support your organisational skills. Block distractions with app or notification blockers, take advantage to translation tools to expand your network, or use the cloud to keep your notes to hand at all times.

With so many options there is no excuses for not being organised.

Schedule Away

For my blog I need to be active on Social Media but I don’t want to spend hours on my laptop updating my feeds. So I cheat and let platforms such as Tailwind do the hard work for me whilst I sit back I pretend to be super organised!

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