Telephone Interview – 4 Tips to Interview Success

Telephone Interview – 4 Tips to Interview Success

Ring Ring … Your Next Career is Calling

When applying for roles, you’re no doubt going to have to jump through a whole lot of hoops to get an offer. One of the first stages of any interview process is the telephone interview, but for most of us the telephone seems to have a strange affect on us.

Talking to someone over the phone, can be the scariest part of the interview process. But take it from a recruiter, it’s just a conversation.

So follow these 4 steps to land yourself a spot in the next round of interviews.

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Be Prepared for the Telephone Interview

Like any interview, you need to be prepared for any questions that may come your way and that starts with researching. This is your chance to highlight how you’re the perfect candidate, tailoring your core skills and experiences to the job specification, making you more memorable to the recruiter.

Most telephone interviews will start with questions such as “Why did you apply for this role?” or “What do you know about X company?” You may have applied for several positions but don’t get caught out by forgetting which job is which.

Tailor your answers and be sure to showcase how you match each of the job requirements. Have examples on hand, filtering facts and figures into these occasions to add credibility.

**TOP TIP** – Sell yourself by having an attention grabbing opening. Engage the interviewer by summarising your experiences and any relevant qualifications, setting the tone for the rest of the interview.

Consider your Location

This might seem like a strange one, especially when you and the interviewer aren’t going to see each other face to face. But location is an important aspect of any telephone interview.

Your full focus needs to be on forming a connection with the interviewer, have a location in mind where you can’t be distracted. Consider noise levels as well as whether you have a good phone signal. Those strong interview answers you have prepared will be wasted if the recruiter can’t hear you or the flow of the conversation is lost as your phone keeps cutting out.

Remember you don’t need to complete the telephone interview then and there. Arrange a time that suits you, when you’re away from work and make sure to be on time.

Telephone Interview

Get Connected

Interviews are much more than just merely documenting your work history. With hundreds of applications per job, you need to stand out from the competition. Forming a connections and building a rapport with the interviewer is the easiest way to do this.

Let your personality come through in the interview. Find common ground with the interviewer, helping them to see how you would fit with an existing team.

Remembering key details from your interview, can help you personalise a post interview follow up message.

Dress to Impress

Whilst no one is going to see your outfit, getting dressed for success is all about mind set. It might be more comfortable to sit in your PJ’s, but having a professional appearance will translate to a professional attitude.

Try and stand up whilst speaking to help project confidence in the call. Take time to get ready for your interview, switching on your smart and professional persona.

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